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From Brian Behlendorf <>
Subject Re: announce Apache
Date Wed, 29 Mar 1995 05:09:50 GMT
On Tue, 28 Mar 1995, Brandon Long wrote:
> Last time, Brian Behlendorf uttered the following other thing:
> > 
> > Our relationship with NCSA is one of synergy - we also have slightly
> > different goals it seems, NCSA being focused on large issues like the
> > no-forking process model while we're focused on bug fixes smaller feature
> > enhancements.  The key word should be synergy. 
> One of the reasons for the lack of response from NCSA (at least,
> I think) was due to the fact that the way in which we used to work
> was to work on the edge, develop a product, and then leave it to 
> others to go mainstream.  The problem was, everyone still used
> our httpd, hence the revival of interest here at NCSA.  I think there
> is a certain amount of desire to head back to the frontier, and I view
> apache as the server for those who don't need/want the what we intend to
> do next.  I see very few new releases of NCSA 1.x, and 2.x will be 
> where we devote the bulk of our efforts.

Sounds like a good model.  As shown with content negotiation and custom 
error responses we're interested in pushing the envelope - but issues 
like public annotations and such do still need some time to be explored 
before someone implements and claims to support them.

> Of course, with this comes a warning:  You have no idea how much mail
> we get in support.  If you all become the next server, you need to
> think about this.

I don't think any of us here want to give "customer support" on this thing. 
We'll respond to bug reports, sure, but our newbie-question-filter-factor
must remain high.  Then again, it would be rather rude for us to put in a 
broken feature and then redirect all questions and complaints about it to 
you.  This is something we'll have to deal with.  Besides, if you're on 
this list, you *know* how to deal with large volumes of email :)



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