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From Brian Behlendorf <>
Subject Re: custom logging again++
Date Fri, 24 Mar 1995 00:13:20 GMT
On Thu, 23 Mar 1995, Andrew Wilson wrote:
> Rob H, on the vexed question of having many log files:
> > I like frosting. So while we wait for the next big feature upgrade,
> > do 90% of the team sit around doing nothing ? Rob T can continue
> > his good work on content-negotiation, but it's pointless having the
> > rest of us do nothing.
> > Anyway, there's no harm in talking about wish lists items.
> D00d.  Somewhere down the line someone's going to have to get all those log
> files together and try to figure out who to send bills to for using the
> services people provide over the WWW.  If log files contain some idea of who
> was involved, ie, more than just an IP address (which is next to useless for
> billing models, cuz 90% of people have roving IP addresses curtesey of their
> service providors anyway!), then it'd be more of a help.  

(totally tangential to apache, hit d now)

Anyone billing web services as a function of the number of hits they get 
is acting really silly.  The people paying the bill have no idea how 
trustworthy those numbers are - I could write a perl script that could 
take one snippet of a log file sample and forge up megabyte after 
megabyte of bogus but totally correct looking log files pretty easily.  
There's no ABC of the Web yet.  

> Hiving off hits
> against a certain portion of your web space into some special logfile is fine
> in principal, but do you really want the server to be making your end-of-day
> stats analysis easier by chewing on the CPU at access time?
> By all means record useful info in log files, but don't go wasting time
> putting pseudo analytical hacks into the server, 'cuz a standalone PERL script
> is going to do the job much better anyway.

I'd tend to agree.  Maybe as part of the apache distribution we could 
roll in some useful configurable cron-job-ready perl scripts to glue 
together the server and log file analysis programs and such.  



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