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From Brian Behlendorf <>
Subject Re: Content-type negotiation: thoughts and code
Date Fri, 17 Mar 1995 00:45:45 GMT
On Thu, 16 Mar 1995, Robert S. Thau wrote:
> Oy.  <!--#includes--> of mapped entities was something I hadn't even
> considered.  But there is an immediately obvious application for it,
> now that you mention it: documents with tables --- (keep one version
> of most of it, but <!--#include--> the tables, and use mapping to
> choose either real HTML3 tables or a <pre>formatted version).
> In any case, there are some *nasty* subtleties here.  Say we have a
> variant entity whose variant forms are, say, GIF, JPEG, and text/plain
> (ASCII-art).  Right now, when the server retrieves a .shtml file, it
> goes through processing <!--#directives-->, and sending all other
> bytes over the wire.  If there is any extraneous whitespace at all in
> the pseudo-.shtml "map" file (let alone, say, comments!) then that
> too will be sent over the wire, corrupting the binary formats.

I think this is one we shouldn't worry about too much - the real solution 
is that instead of a server-side include the author can say <EMBED 
SRC="table"> and the browser and client negotiate for whether that's 
table.html3, or table.gif.  It just doesn't feel right to think about a 
text/html-level-2 document have a section that's text/html-level-3... to 
me at least.  Hmm.

Let's skip on this for the first release - as long as we can do 
server-side includes in content-negotiated files, I'm happy.



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