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From Eric C Hagberg <>
Subject Re: apache-0.2 on hyperreal
Date Sun, 19 Mar 1995 18:22:15 GMT
On Sun, 19 Mar 1995, Robert S. Thau wrote:

>    Date: Sun, 19 Mar 95 13:18 GMT
>    From: (David Robinson)
>    I don't know if this is the cause of your problem, however:
>    there is a bug in the patch B23_addtype-bug.txt that came with apache-0.2.
>    (which is presumably the same as patches/for_NCSA_1.3/B23-patch.addtype-bug)
>    It adds a trailing slash to the PATH_INFO and PATH_TRANSLATED cgi variables.
> That sounds plausible to me.  There's a fix to this below.  Eric,
> could you try it out?  Thanks.

Yep, that at least makes the imagemaps work... though the joy of a 
3-second delay, or at least the "killing CGI process" message is once 
again popping-up in the error log, even though there's certainly no need.


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