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From Rob Hartill <>
Subject Re: announce it NOW
Date Thu, 30 Mar 1995 10:53:41 GMT
> > I think we need to announce the existence of Apache NOW.
> > We need to whet some appetites, before it's too late.
> Er, come clean rob, what do you *want* out of all this?  A job in Microsoft
> or Netscape.  A product that lames NetSite and Spry?  A life time full of
> answering e-mail requests for "How do I get flashing text on my screen"?
> Free tickets to WWW95/96?
> Seriously.  It's your puppy, whatcha doing it for?

Work for Netscape ? no thanks, I've upset too many people their
anyaway :-)   Microsoft.. don't they write stuff for PeeCees ?

I want a server that does what I want it to. Sitting around for
10 months waiting for something to happen at NCSA was a killer.
I thought about trying to fix 1.3 myself, but I knew I
wouldn't be able to do it alone.

> People will invariably ignore the fact that there are two addresses and send
> mail to which ever is first on the screen. Maybe one address period, is better


> It's a home page.  You can't change human nature ;)  

pah, I can have fun trying.

> Anyway, grab Majordomo and set up some lists.

after you..  ;)

> > There are plenty of httpd gurus out there willing to answer questions
> > in this public forum. I like the idea, how about you ?
> You must have a really light workload this month, or something.

I'm preemtive, but I also enjoy this Apache stuff.


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