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From Andrew Wilson <>
Subject Redirection and logging...
Date Thu, 30 Mar 1995 17:28:41 GMT

Here's me rabbiting on about log file and redirection problems again.

Under what circumstances *should* the access_log contain a status entry of '-',
as opposed to '200', '302', '500' etc.  Is there any reason why a successful
access should produce other than the normal 'nnn' status?  (ie. the server didn't
explode, or time-out, or suffer net-death) 

To see this weirdness for pure apache 0.3 put the following script in cgi-bin
and watch the access log.

--- cut here ---


( $URL ) = @ARGV;

print "Location: $URL\n\n";

--- cut here ---

Try the following URLs, number 3's the real killer.

1)	http://your.server/cgi-bin/redirect?/

	Produces one entry, status 200.  But what's really happened is that
	the first access called the script, and the script prepared a redirection
	to the same server. The server read the header which the script produced,
	and saw the 'Location:' field, and *then* sent the /index.html file's
	contents.  All this to save the browser coming back a second later
	and asking for index.html explicitly.

	This behaviour is generally fine by me, but the access_log is confusing.
	can we think of a way to record the fact that the contents of index.html
	were sent.  Perhaps we can munge a matching error_log entry.

	This is important because the script and it's ?parameters wouldn't
	necessarily indicate which file was sent back.  I want to see
	notification of where the script got its data, and short of having the
	script keep its own log file I can't think of an easy solution.

2)	http://your.server/cgi-bin/redirect?/cgi-bin/test-cgi

	Same as for (1), but this time the test-cgi script is run immediately
	after the redirect script.

3)	http://your.server/cgi-bin/redirect?http://your.server/

	Produces 2 log entries.  The initial access gives status '-', should
	be 302.  The second entry, the redirected URL, is ok.

4)	http://your.server/cgi-bin/redirect?test-cgi

	Produces 1 log entry, status '-'.  The browser complains that it can't
	locate the host (I presume it's looking for some host called test-cgi).
	Shouldn't this redirect onto another script in the same directory as
	'redirect'?  ie: http://your.server/cgi-bin/test-cgi.  Or are we unable
	to specify redirection to 'relative' resources.  We can redirect to
	another host (full URL), or the same host (full URL, or absolute path

I've the eerie feeling that some of this was covered before in our discussions
last week, when I wasn't really paying attention.  Patch B18 treads all over the
same code which causes me these problems.  Let me know if I'm retreading old


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