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From Rob Hartill <>
Subject problem with content negotiation ?
Date Wed, 29 Mar 1995 13:29:03 GMT

Not sure if this is a bug/feature or what, but here goes

I was trying the multiviews on

which I though was going to choose from

skull.gif and skull.jpg

but I also had skull.xgif there too (by accident).
Mosaic seemed to force the choice to be skull.xgif, and
tried to display the image as plaintext. 
I suspect that the "wrong" content-type was being sent back.

"wrong" in that it wasn't what *I* expected it to be  :-)

If this is the case (I'm guessing), then maybe if the multiview code
doesn't recognise the content type, it should give it a lower 
preference value.

Apart from that minor hicup (which might not be), the content negotiation
stuff looks great. Good job Rob.


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