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From Andrew Wilson <>
Subject <defunky>
Date Tue, 28 Mar 1995 22:59:40 GMT


	so, suppose you had:

epprod# uname -a
SunOS epprod 4.1.3_U1 2 sun4m

and you had a section in your Makefile that read:

# For SunOS 4
# For Solaris 2. NOTE: Lots of problems have been identified with compiling
# httpd under Solaris. Use with caution. If you see aberrant behavior with
# httpd under Solaris 2, please mail us.

and you typed:


and, later on, you complained, at length, that there were <defunct> processes
hanging about on your gear.  Well, wouldn't *you* be too embarrassed to admit
it?  I'm sure I would be, .. if it ever happened to me.

Perhaps one of the many interesting things that we could include in the 'FAQ'
is a line saying something like:

	If you see lots of <defunct> processes sitting on your server
	then check that you've compiled using the right architecture
	flag.  Compiling as Solaris2 on a SunOS box produces the
	same effect!


[shuffles off, stage left, to howls of derisive laughter...]

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