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From Andrew Wilson <>
Subject Re: announce Apache
Date Tue, 28 Mar 1995 22:52:23 GMT

> BTW, is there any particular reason that people don't even look
> to edit the Makefile when compiling there own?  Is there something we
> can do that will make people go through the normal steps of compiling
> a program under unix?


> And the defunct process problem some of you are having under SunOS 4.1.3,
> is that apache specific, or 1.3?  I personally haven't seen it on my
> home machine, but I don't have that much traffic (1000 hits/day).

Nope it's 1.3R specific.  One of my live servers is broken.  Apache 0.3 on the
same platform works fine, cleaning up properly after it's done.  The
problem happens on a Sparc20 that's about 9 months from the factory.  A
sparc 5, 5 months old has no problems.  Both have the same 'uname -a' results.

At present I haven't got a clue what else is different, unless I'm not reading
the OS revisions properly.  I'll probably go with apache immediately for
a few live demos up-and-coming, but I don't *want* to have to do this.  I'd
much rather understand what the damned bug is there in the first place and then
go to apache if it's fixing it in the right way.

> And yes, I removed the SO_LINGER from 1.4.  I could think of no good
> reason to leave it in.  Of course, I'm hardly an expert, but since it
> seemed to be the root of all evil, I deleted it.
> And, one last item, how much mail can you all generate in 2 hours? :)

This is a quiet day.  I think Rob Hartill has toothache or something.

> Brandon


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