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From Andrew Wilson <>
Subject Re: custom error responses revistited
Date Tue, 28 Mar 1995 19:37:10 GMT

> Re: the problem with relative URLs - isn't the fix to simply force
> people to use BASE when redirecting to a local url. 
> Should/can apache add a BASE header to redirected URLs ? - it could
> cause problems if the document also produces a BASE either as a header
> or in the <HEAD></HEAD>
> robh

Er, I dun't like the idea of forcing people to put anything, BASE or otherwise,
in their scripts.  Isn't the real solution top just make the server log
both the name of the accessing URL and the URL it redirects to?

Making the server fudge by adding a mandatory BASE header of its own is lame
[and I have the mathematical proof!].


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