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From Rob Hartill <>
Subject Re: custom error responses revistited
Date Tue, 28 Mar 1995 11:18:58 GMT
> FWIW, the NCSA code does the redirection to the error document by
> making a recursive call to handle_get, as when a script returns a
> local URL in 'Location: ', and that mechanism seems to work OK (I've
> even written CGI scripts which invoke other CGI scripts indirectly by
> this means, and it works).

I should have added that the problems appear when you try to maintain
as much information about the original request as possible. It's
simple to redirect and lose the all important info that a script
would be setup to catch and log. The trick is to remember the URL
you failed on, along with any other info that might be useful. A simple
redirect loses practically all the useful info one needs to trace and
fix the problem. So you might be able to redirect to a script to
analyse the problem, but there's no info left for it to analyse.

For all I know 1.4 does take care of all this, someone will have to
try it to find out and let us know.

Re: the problem with relative URLs - isn't the fix to simply force
people to use BASE when redirecting to a local url. 
Should/can apache add a BASE header to redirected URLs ? - it could
cause problems if the document also produces a BASE either as a header
or in the <HEAD></HEAD>


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