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From Andrew Wilson <>
Subject Re: announce Apache
Date Tue, 28 Mar 1995 19:00:38 GMT

> I don't remember reading any negative feedback to the suggestion
> of announcing the existence of apache in the near future.
> Shall we at least go public and tell the world there's a "new" free
> server in the pipeline ?
> We'll need some online info. Can we put it on hyperreal Brian ?
> and if so, is there a danger that Joe Average will then stumble
> on our area of the server too soon ?
> Any ideas on how/what we should announce ?
> rob

How about:

	"There's a new, experimental and entirely unsupported HTTP
	server available here:

	It's based largely on NCSA's 1.3R and contains many useful
	modifications.  Feel free to use it entirely at your own
	risk.  If you find any bugs then sent a description to:


Do we really want random traffic on the mailing list?  I think that would
be a bad idea, and an alternative 'public' bug/discussion list would be
a better alternative, not that I'd bother subscribing to it.

There is NO DOCUMENTATION at all for any of the new Apache mods.  There's
not much point in announcing anything until the FAQ set has been written.
Releasing anything before then is just asking for people to get flooded
with 'How do I?' mail.

Only announce it to the 'most technical' newsgroups out there.  You'd
actually be better off sending to www* mailing lists instead, so that the
ratio of techie/newbie is kept pretty high.  I'm not being snobbish, it's
just that there's no support for this product so it's not really fair
to announce it on "What's New".


The safest bet, and one which will cause the mimimum of disturbance to the
existing project would be to announce a press release, one-page, to the more
technical mailing lists.  We could then follow it up with a FAQ on-line from
hyperreal.  But then someone has to write all that, and I'm not sure that
the existing www home page is enough of a showcase for the server's telents,
nor for ours for that matter ;)


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