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From (Robert S. Thau)
Subject [ Re: custom error responses revistited]
Date Tue, 28 Mar 1995 12:56:56 GMT
RobH asked me to forward this onto the list:

From: Rob Hartill <>
Subject: Re: custom error responses revistited

>    CustomResponse 403 "Sorry, you're not allowed to access %s
>    CustomResponse 404 "Go away and don't come back
> <sound voice=MrBurns>EXcellent</sound>.  This does all that the NCSA
> 1.4 stuff does, and a fair bit more.  My only minor quibble is that if
> you spelled "CustomResponse" as "ErrorDocument", that would make it a

will do.

Has anyone tried the NCSA 1.4 custom responses ? I found working
from apache 0.3 that depending on what type of document you
rediected to had all kinds of side-effects. Redirecting to a plain
html doc was okay, redirecting to a cgi-script or to a server-side
includes doc caused all sorts of problems and fixing one broke it
somewhere else, and some problems only became evident after a SIGHUP, with
global variables failing to be initialised for a redirect.

I'll try to cleanup the code and upload sometime today, maybe.


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