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From Rob Hartill <>
Subject Re: custom logging again++
Date Fri, 24 Mar 1995 09:48:03 GMT
>    LogAlias /Movies/ movies_access_log
>    LogAlias /papers/new/  /usr/fred/subdir/mylog
>    the leading "/" would specify whether the file is relative to
>    the server_root/logs/  or absolute.
> This looks useful, but I'd prefer a name other than "LogAlias" for the
> command --- perhaps "SelectLog".

no can do. It's engraved in stone now.

> It might also be good to figure out how this would interact with
> making logging selective by the address of the client, which is
> another commonly requested feature... perhaps:

Ooo, I've never heared that one before.

>    AccessLog local_access from
>    AccessLog movies_access_log for /Movies/
>    AccessLog /usr/fred/subdir/mylog for /papers/new


ClientAlias local               # suffix matching
ClientAlias damn-spider

LogAlias(local) /Movies /a/black/hole/access_log
LogAlias(damn-spider) / /dev/null
LogAlias() / access_log

> (Is this too baroque?  I'm starting to sense feature creep...).

We're safe, until it's implemented.

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