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From Rob Hartill <>
Subject Re: last-modified is broken
Date Thu, 23 Mar 1995 14:36:32 GMT

on a related topic,

apache uses later_than() (util.c)  to decide if a document has changed.

The algorithm there looks time consuming. 
Can't this be done with a string comparision ?

If the syntax of Last-modified: and if-modified-since:  is
rigid (is it?), one could merely compare the strings, if they
differ, then the client has a different version.

Could the client ever have a newer version ? - I can't see why, even so,
the client is asking for whatever the server has, unless it is unchanged.

I use if-last-modified in my cgi-stuff for the movie database. There
I just say that something hasn't changed if the if-last-modified
date I see is exactly the same (one string comparison operation) as the 
computed last-modified date. This is a very inexpensive check to make.

I'm assuming here that the date stamps will be generated in GMT,
and that clients store them as given by the server (this however doesn't
appear to be the case with Netscape 1.0)

comments ?


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