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From Andrew Wilson <>
Subject Re: votes on 0.2's patches
Date Thu, 23 Mar 1995 20:03:06 GMT

> a)	The log file's broke, the .gif files aren't being resent.
> b)	The log files are not broken and the server really is sending all
> 	that data again.

ok, I'll admit it, there's another option:

c)	1.3R's broken and not sending .gif images when the browser requests
	a [reload].  My excuse is that's it's been a long day, and my blood
	sugar is a bit low right now.


     Andrew Wilson	     URL:
Elsevier Science, Oxford   Office: +44 0865 843155     Mobile: +44 0589 616144

ps.	Hey.  At least I'm trying.

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