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From Andrew Wilson <>
Subject Re: votes on 0.2's patches
Date Thu, 23 Mar 1995 19:05:01 GMT

Woo, I finally got round to getting a copy of apache 0.2  Is it meant to be
faster than 1.3R, or is that a placaebo effect ;)

> Have we changed anything in the conf files yet ?
> I'm still using my 1.3 configuration. I've ditched 1.3 now in favour
> of Apache - only a couple of local users hit my machine.

Well I think people are proposing a range of new stuf for the conf files, so
it'd be useful to get into the habit of treating the distribution as standalone.

> Nobody else asked, so, yes I will. Hopefully, it'll just be a matter
> of reversing the patches that get -1'ed, from my current source, and
> changing the release number.
> rob.


Oh, all that -lresolv stuff has worked a treat for my NISsed up SunOS box.


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