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From (Beth Frank)
Subject NCSA httpd Relase 1.4 Beta Testing
Date Wed, 22 Mar 1995 10:06:15 GMT
	I'd like to invite everyone on this
mailing list to participate in the NCSA httpd
Release 1.4 Beta test.  If you are interested
please register by filling out the form at

It will assign you a name and password which will give
you access to the source and binaries.  All the binaries
for R1.4 BETA include a source distribution.  

Unfortunately, there appears to be a bug which does not
properly set the REMOTE_USER environment variable when
invoking a CGI script so the change password form 
does not currently work.  We're working on locating
the problem.

Bug reports (and patches) will be handled through
HyperNews.  After installing the NCSA server please check

on a regular basis.  Patch announcements will be Emailed
to everyone who has registered.

	Thank you for your help.

		The NCSA httpd Development Team

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