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From Rob Hartill <>
Subject Re: vote counting.
Date Tue, 21 Mar 1995 13:15:30 GMT
> On the contrary. I think it allows the project to move ahead faster
> by enabling *all* patches (or those accepted by the patch coordinator)

Does the "patch coordinator" job come with a uniform ?   :-)

> My proposal only suggests eliminating the discussion of the smaller
> changes.  

I'd veto that idea. Small changes don't always have small consequences.

> I understand that there will likely be fewer of them for the
> coming weeks. It also allows portability changes and cleanup an easier
> path into the sources.  

What if I find that one part of the patch causes my server to smoulder..
how do I switch it off without killing a whole week's batch of patches ?

> I share your concern about stagnation.  Choosing an agressive patch
> coordinator would hopefully help us maintain forward momentum.
> Please don't read my suggestions as overtly pushy.

That rules you out as the "agressive patch coordinator" then  :-)

I don't think we need a patch coordinator, aggressive or not.
Simple question to everyone. What's wrong with the current system ?
We suggest, discuss, upload, test, vote, update, and repeat
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