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From Rob Hartill <>
Subject Re: The future, for Apache and NCSA httpd
Date Tue, 21 Mar 1995 09:48:15 GMT
> I expressed a hope that *apache-pre* would (I believe these are the
> words) "serve its purpose and die".  In my view, that hope has been
> fulfilled --- apache-pre *is* dead, displaced by RobH's apache-0.2.  If
> I wanted this project to die, I wouldn't be involved!

Excellent, I'm glad it was a misunderstanding.

> Well, there are also a lot of people out there who want the efficiency
> gains from a fork-free server, and some form of encrypted HTTP.  (I've
> got a lot of them here at this lab, and if 1.5 comes out with SHTTP,
> and SHTTP clients start flying around, it'll be politically impossible
> for us to run anything which *doesn't* support it). 

Fork-free is feasible, it just needs to be coded.

Secure communication is non-trivial, from what Adam Caine said, I
get the impression that it'll require licensed software from
EIT (or elsewhere) to be installed. Maybe the best we could hope
for would be to provide hooks for the software.

> But I also don't want us to cut ourselves off from good work that 
> NCSA is doing, if we can avoid that.

I do hope they become more open about their plans for httpd. It'd
help a lot of people to know in which direction they are heading.

There was a suggestion that we could be 1.4 beta testers - is there
any news on that front ?

> If the rest of the world is anything like my lab, you may be
> underestimating how many of the "Joe Averages" out there want secure
> data transfer.

Everyone wants it, but how many will be willing to pay for it ?

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