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From (Robert S. Thau)
Subject Content Negotiation: new code available...
Date Tue, 21 Mar 1995 09:53:11 GMT
Brave and foolish users are invited to try out last weekend's spin on
Content Negotiation, now available as a patch in

This patch requires B27 (sorry, RobH., but this is an informal
pre-pre-anything release, and I'm not proposing it for integration
into the main Apache line at this time).  The worst problem with this
release is that Emacs backup files sometimes show up in arbitration as
unwanted "text/plain" variants; a fix for this (having MultiViews
ignore anything which is IndexIgnored) is on my queue.

The comments at the top say:

Content arbitration code.  For the moment, see the mail archives for docs;
recommended config directives to take advantage of this:

In srm.conf (substitute the extension of your choice ("meta"?) for
"map" if you like:  

  AddType text/html;level=3 html3
  AddType application/x-type-map map
  DirectoryIndex index

The last of these directives causes the server to do content
arbitration among "index.html" and "index.html3" when looking for a
prebuilt directory listing in a directory with MultiViews enabled, or
even invoke "index.cgi" if there is one lying around, and there's no
other "index.*".  In access.conf:

  Options MultiViews

to turn MultiViews on.  (Note that "Options All" still leaves it off).


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