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From Andrew Wilson <>
Subject Re: CERN
Date Wed, 15 Mar 1995 14:30:54 GMT

>    From: Cliff Skolnick <>

>    A few people that I really respect at work (sun) are suggesting (quite
>    strongly in fact) that we look at using CERN as a base.  I know that
>    the CERN server has been hacked to include all the NSCA features by
>    folks here and I was told it was not difficult.  What are peoples
>    thoughts on this? [ as cliff ducks ]
>    Cliff

> The CERN server code is enormous, and I find it difficult to read.
> Once the obvious performance problems with the NCSA server are fixed
> (P1, P2, P3), it also tests as being substantially slower.


> Finally, when you put the server code and library code together, the
> combined code base we'd be managing has over 7 times as many lines as
> the NCSA code base.  It's pretty unwieldly.  I'd just as soon do
> without it.
> rst

We can barely manage an NCSA based project, there's no chance of us being able to
run a CERN one.  It'd be great to have the choice but we don't.  Stick to NCSA
and keep a note of any general lessons learned.  If we're up to it, then things
we do for NCSA should be implementable in a CERN code-stylee (er?).  The MAIN
reason we chose NCSA as a base was because it was relatively small and neat code
and we all used it every day.  The same can't be said of CERN, even though it may
be a better system on-paper.

Please don't switch to CERN till we've exhausted the NCSA route.


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