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From (Robert S. Thau)
Subject Re: CERN
Date Wed, 15 Mar 1995 09:13:57 GMT
   Date: Wed, 15 Mar 1995 03:56:12 -0800
   From: Cliff Skolnick <>
   Precedence: bulk

   A few people that I really respect at work (sun) are suggesting (quite
   strongly in fact) that we look at using CERN as a base.  I know that
   the CERN server has been hacked to include all the NSCA features by
   folks here and I was told it was not difficult.  What are peoples
   thoughts on this? [ as cliff ducks ]


The CERN server code is enormous, and I find it difficult to read.
Once the obvious performance problems with the NCSA server are fixed
(P1, P2, P3), it also tests as being substantially slower.

Also, large portions of the server --- most of the content arbitration
code, for instance --- are actually part of the common code library;
any changes to this code (to add negotiation based on "level=", for
instance) would have to be a change to the *library*.  

This means we'd have to either decide to maintain our own version of
the library as well, or coordinate very carefully with W3O --- since
that the W3O's own current development versions of the library don't
work with the server at all, this could be extremely tricky.

Finally, when you put the server code and library code together, the
combined code base we'd be managing has over 7 times as many lines as
the NCSA code base.  It's pretty unwieldly.  I'd just as soon do
without it.


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