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From Andrew Wilson <>
Subject Re: httpd patch B5 updated.
Date Tue, 14 Mar 1995 22:43:44 GMT

> I originally intended my first-cut patch list as a kind of group
> ballot.  Maybe it's too large to serve the purpose, but can we at
> least decide which patches are *completely* non-controversial and
> dispose of them now, so that discussion time is spent on topics where
> there's something to discuss?

Ok.  If someone reposts the current patch list and marks EVERY patch as being
non-contraversial then we can just mail back the patches which any of us think
ARE contraversial and knock them off the list.  One day's wait (for unfortunate
UK people who have a 9-5 7-12 job) will give you the non contraversial list which
could then be implemented immediately.

> rst

We COULD call it 'Frustration/0.1'.  Er, mebbies.


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