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From Andrew Wilson <>
Subject Re: httpd patch B5 updated.
Date Tue, 14 Mar 1995 22:22:47 GMT

> > 
> > Just what the fsck is going on anyway?
> it is getting messy. I still think we should all implemement one
> patch at a time together. At the rate (and hours) some are working
> we can probably manage a couple of patches a day. It's far too
> easy to grab the next apache-pre and without knowing what's in it
> or how it is supposed to work.
> If this is acceptable to the rest of the group, I think we should
> order the patches, and start a systematic processes of dicsussion,
> implemenations and testing.
> Why not stop adding new patches for now, and just properly process 
> the ones we have. Then accept more patches.
> rob

I agree entirely and I'd urge everyone to just slow down please.

So we need:

o	An up-to-date patch list
o	A deep breath
o	Start at B1 and work down

It might be a good idea to limit ourselves to:

o	Discussing NO MORE THAN 1 (say) patches at a time.
o	Not moving on to a 2nd patch till the previous one
	has been completely dealt with and signed off.

A patch's status should be one of submitted/being-discussed/dropped/accepted.

Focus some,

ps.	and no, I'm not just saying this cuz Rob used to buy me drinks ;)

	[cuz he never did, the cheap *****!]

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