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From Rob Hartill <>
Subject Re: non-forking again
Date Tue, 14 Mar 1995 09:38:23 GMT
> Agh, yes it *is* that easy :-)  What for of IPC are you using?
> BSDI (and others) lack all forms of system V IPC.

I'm using an AF_UNIX (unix domain) socket, which serializes requests
to do the 'accept'.

You'll have to tell me if that's a problem, 'cos all my sockets
experience has been through perl, which is probably more portable.
> The problem was only with in MP systems (well at least solrais 2.x and
> SGI),  If multiple processes did an accept, it was not defined what
> would happend.  

Well I'm serializing the 'accept' - so if that's the only problem,
I suspect it isn't a problem now.

> Have you tested this on an MP machine yet?

No, point me at one  :-)


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