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From Rob Hartill <>
Date Mon, 13 Mar 1995 11:37:43 GMT
> >E7) Send Last-modified header for server-side-included docs if
> >    group XBIT is set. [Rob Hartill, by way of Andrew Wilson]
> Would this not be far more neatly implemented by a new shtml directive?

It's a 2 line hack to solve a problem with uncachable html using
server-side includes. As a 2 line hack it works well.

Andy Wilson was looking into the problems of solving this issue
properly - to do so, would require a lot of coding - we'd need
to look into each type of include, and decide how it should affect
the http headers, e.g. the Last-modified date should be the date
of the newest include. So, to respond to a "get-if-modified-since"
the server would have to create the document, check the date, then
decide whether to send the document or a 304 response instead. This 
is something we need to look into later - a lot later.

rob h

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