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From (Robert S. Thau)
Subject Re: My life in films...
Date Thu, 09 Mar 1995 17:26:19 GMT
   From: (Cliff Skolnick)
   Date: Thu, 9 Mar 1995 13:43:12 PST

   !@#$% power failure this morning...down for about 5 hours.  It's back
   up now (and everyone can add stuff).  I placed no restrictions on
   entering data.


Just submitted the two listed in my original note, and the one pulled
off the Net by Rob Hartill.  First notes:

On the positive side, it's nice to have a brief bug summary.  However,
it doesn't group patches by category.  New bug reports go to the end
of the list; they really ought to be integrated with the other bug
reports (so those can be seen as a group, rather than interspersed
with long-term wish-list requests for functional extensions).

At least one input field is handled improperly --- I said I had code
for the first two (it's trivial in one case; I've got Rob Hartill's
fix for the other); it didn't believe me.

There's no obvious way to modify the writeup on an existing problem.
This comes up a lot --- today on my copy of the list I modified two
(added drtr's B1C, and changed the writeup on my P2), not to mention
the basic case where someone just wants to say, "I now have code for
this" (possibly in response to someone else's problem report).

Finally, a lot of the functional extensions that I had listed don't
seem to be there yet.

All this will come with time, I'm sure --- I just hope that with
Cliff's time evidently such a scarce resource, maintenance of this Web
structure doesn't take time away from the more vital business of
actually putting a server together. 


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