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From Andrew Wilson <>
Subject My life in films...
Date Thu, 09 Mar 1995 11:05:53 GMT
> I'm using a slightly different scheme to number patches than rst, but
> it's not a big deal.  The numerical id of the patch in unique accross
> all types (B, E, P).  So the first set of patches ar B1 -> Bn, then P(n+1)
> ->P(m), E(m+1) blah blah blah.  I've also created a type "O" for other.
> The list is identical to his.  I'd like to get submiter email addresses
> attached to these requests also, please speak up if they are yours.

Ok, well I can't see all the patches that rst mentioned in your own list so
can you put me down as being the champion/owner/whatever of (rst's):

	B5) XBITHACK not honored on <!--#include-->ed files [Andrew Wilson]

it's probable that B5 will be combined, on the first pass, with:

	E7) Send Last-modified header for server-side-included docs if
	group XBIT is set. [Rob Hartill, by way of Andrew Wilson]

but I'll have to chat some with Rob H about this.  If this is the case then
I'll boss for E7 as well.

> Take a peek at, it's a start.  Hoepfully
> will evolve into something decent in the next few days.

I can't imagine it staying unchanged for very long ;)

> Right now the
> cgi's are on my machine (, but I will be moving them over
> after they are cleaned up and debuged a bit more.
> My plans are to enhance the subimisson form with a bunch of
> instructions.  Also the result will include instructions on
> where to ftp your patch code.

Well, I guess I'm happy doing all this by e-mail right now.  A WWW summary
of e-mail traffic / patch info,  would be a nice start, but if you want to
write some cgi to automate submissions then that's fine.  I don't want to wait
for the scripts to be in place though.  Let's keep it rolling please.

A suggestion:

1)	All submissions should be (where possible) in the form of UNIX
	context diffs, eg:

	diff -c3 f1.c f1.c.old > f1.diff

	made against the 'current' version of the server, initially NCSA 1.3R
	taken from our own FTP archive, not NCSA's, just incase NCSA change
	something in their 'R' release without letting us know [that's the
	sort of sly thing I do sometimes ;) ]

2)	For each patch, one person only should be responsible for submission.
	In this example, if Rob H has a better idea for the patch then he tells
	me, and the pair of us refit the patch and then I resubmit it.

So can we just mail a patch to this list or do we gotta wait for the FTP site to
go live?  Tell me, someone? ;)

> Cliff


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