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From Rob Hartill <>
Subject Re: Content Negotiation
Date Mon, 06 Mar 1995 17:20:26 GMT
Brian wrote..
> Can your system be used for imagemap files as well?  For example, NetSite
> allows you to use http://host/path/ instead of
> http://host/cgi-bin/imagemap/path/ - as the server does the

I haven't tried it, but if it doesn't it'd be easy to make it.

> Also, this would be greatly enhanced if instead of issuing a Redirect the
> server could respond "here's the jpg file, but you (the client) should 
> be aware the URL this is really known as is http://host/path/mother.jpg".
> I didn't see any codes that matched that - Roy?

301 is supposed to do that.  says..

Moved 301

The data requested has been assigned a new URI, the change is 
permanent. (N.B. this is an optimisation, which must, pragmatically, 
be included in this definition. Browsers with link editing
capabiliy should automatically relink to the new reference, where possible)

The response contains one or more header lines of the form 

       URI: <url> String CrLf

Which specify alternative addresses for the object in question. The 
String is an optional comment field. If the response is to indicate a 
set of variants which each correspond to the requested URI,
then the multipart/alternative wrapping may be used to distinguish 
different sets 

> > See    for some old info.
> Looks like you've already implemented this :):)  Now to move 
> into the server and do away with the need to look at user_agent or 
> redirects...

'' will probably take a lot of coding to convert it into
C. Before anyone even thinks of doing this, the convention I've
developed to specify the tables needs to be checked to see if there
are any cases I've missed - I bet there are.

rob h

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