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From Rob Hartill <>
Subject Re: Informing NCSA, archive of the list
Date Tue, 28 Feb 1995 11:33:27 GMT
> This sounds like a functional enhancement, but I'm not sure from this
> description exactly what it does.  It *sounds* as if it's using the
> 010 bit to alter the handling of conditional GETs somehow --- could
> you fill in the details?  Thanks.

People using the XBITHACK to decide which documents should be
parsed for includes are stuck with having all the clients and
proxies out there reloading them every time. They don't prodcuce
a "Last-modified:" header, and hence they can't be cached.

Lots of people use includes to pull in info that doesn't change often,
and to add the current time etc. By setting the group X bit, the
document author can ask httpd to send a "Last-modified:" header
anyway. We use this hack at, where lots of
pages have includes, but don't contain info that is too time

The document author has full control over which documents can
be cached, and which shouldn't. 

A good client will allow the user to RELOAD any page so as to
refresh any includes. (Netscape's broken in that respect).

It's a 2 line patch to the XBITHACK.


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