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From (Andrew Wilson)
Subject Re: Informing NCSA, archive of the list
Date Tue, 28 Feb 1995 16:38:20 GMT

Robert S. Thau:

> Going just from memory, with apologies
> to anyone with something critical which I left out, we have the
> following:

> If anyone has something *right* *now* that they'd like to see in an
> early Apache release, which I haven't listed, this would be a good
> time to step forward.

I have two important patches.  Important 'cuz I've got pages (on COMMA and other
places) which need the given functionality.

> Functional enhancements:  (Note that many of these are still in the
> process of being packaged up for submittal):


I'd like to see the XBITHACK loophole closed, whereby +x .html documents that
were #include'd and which contained <!--#foo statements themselves, were
not parsed.  It's a functional enhancement only in so far as it repairs
an oversight in the original code. (You CAN do this with .shtml files
containing additional <!--#junk in 1.3) [Andy Wilson]

Ditto those GROUP XBIT hacks which tell caching proxies that files haven't
been changed since they last visited, one of Rob Hartill's babies I think.

> rst


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Elsevier Science, Oxford	Tel: +44 0865 843155

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