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From Brandon Long <>
Subject Re: announce Apache
Date Tue, 28 Mar 1995 21:35:35 GMT
Last time, Brian Behlendorf uttered the following other thing:
> Our relationship with NCSA is one of synergy - we also have slightly
> different goals it seems, NCSA being focused on large issues like the
> no-forking process model while we're focused on bug fixes smaller feature
> enhancements.  The key word should be synergy. 

One of the reasons for the lack of response from NCSA (at least,
I think) was due to the fact that the way in which we used to work
was to work on the edge, develop a product, and then leave it to 
others to go mainstream.  The problem was, everyone still used
our httpd, hence the revival of interest here at NCSA.  I think there
is a certain amount of desire to head back to the frontier, and I view
apache as the server for those who don't need/want the what we intend to
do next.  I see very few new releases of NCSA 1.x, and 2.x will be 
where we devote the bulk of our efforts.

Of course, with this comes a warning:  You have no idea how much mail
we get in support.  If you all become the next server, you need to
think about this.

BTW, is there any particular reason that people don't even look
to edit the Makefile when compiling there own?  Is there something we
can do that will make people go through the normal steps of compiling
a program under unix?

And the defunct process problem some of you are having under SunOS 4.1.3,
is that apache specific, or 1.3?  I personally haven't seen it on my
home machine, but I don't have that much traffic (1000 hits/day).

And yes, I removed the SO_LINGER from 1.4.  I could think of no good
reason to leave it in.  Of course, I'm hardly an expert, but since it
seemed to be the root of all evil, I deleted it.

And, one last item, how much mail can you all generate in 2 hours? :)

 Brandon Long   (N9WUC)     "I think, therefore, I am confused." -- RAW
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 University of Illinois
		Don't worry, these aren't even my views.

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