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From Brandon Long <>
Subject Re: rst's votes on the current patches-for-0.2
Date Thu, 23 Mar 1995 18:03:44 GMT
Last time, Robert S. Thau uttered the following other thing:
> E25_custom_error_responses: -1, until we've looked over the NCSA code
>    and decided what to do about it.
>    NCSA 1.4 has what looks like a more general version of this; it
>    uses process_get to send the custom errors.  This has more
>    overhead, but should let you do things like use a CGI script to
>    construct custom messages on the fly.  My only concern with that
>    would be treatment of errors in the "GETs" of the error files, but
>    that is a solvable problem.  (If you're already trying to send a
>    custom error message, further custom errors should be suppressed;
>    this may be happening already (I haven't checked) but a quick
>    once-over doesn't show code for it).
>    However, if there's some good reason why the NCSA approach is the
>    wrong thing to do, I could be persuaded to change this vote.

Already done that.  Only took one complete machine crash to figure it
out to.  Notice the 'ErrorStat' global.  It contains the last error
on a connection, so that 2 errors in a row automatically switches to
the builtin error functions.  I guess I could have done something so
that only two error messages of the same type can't be called in a row,
but I thought this was safer.


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