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From Frank Peters <...@Jester.CC.MsState.Edu>
Subject Re: Nameserver cache
Date Thu, 23 Mar 1995 06:21:41 GMT
> Umm...I should have said sun provides one, thanks.  but I also insist
> people get a "real" one from the net.  I like my resolving to work
> correctly.  I work for sun, in the internet engineering group, and umm we
> and the naming guys (who own bind/resolve) know our stuff is a bit broken
> (and quite old).
> It's really easy to get it from the net and compile it.  10 minutes
> honest.  Compared with installing httpd (compile, config) it is
> trivial.

Ummm...I never claimed it was hard.  I use resolv+.  I recommend it

Someone (its all a blur now :) threw out the need to go through NIS to
get to DNS under SunOS as a possible justification for this cache even
if it isn't faster in other situations.  I pointed out that there was
no such need.  Just link with -lresolv and NIS need never be involved.

Then someone (you, maybe?) said that you needed to get resolver
libraries off the net to do this.  So I pointed out that this wasn't
necessary.  An old but functional libresolv.a ships with the OS

Now you respond that resolv+ isn't that hard to install...which is
as true as it is irrelevant to my point. :-)

Once again, in summary, a direct DNS httpd can be had on a SunOS
system by simply putting "EXTRA_LIBS= -lresolv" in the httpd
Makefile and compiling it.  No other shared library munging is
needed (though it may still be useful).

Now, its time for bed. :-)

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