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From (Cliff Skolnick)
Subject Re: patch list vote
Date Tue, 21 Mar 1995 09:47:38 GMT
I don't have a real problem with this for the most part with
the reservation I will be trying to hit a moving target.  As for
the review process, it would double the number of patches :-(.
The canges I have made have been minor, with very little
functionality change.  Perhaps it would be better if I just mailed
the author of the patch.  Anything the author did not agree with
could be brought up for a vote.

IMHO changes to a function name that was non-descript and
long should not need to be a patch.  Neither should moving a constant
from a .c file to a .h file be a problem.  If I need to re-code something
or if something is wrong, yes that is a patch.  (By patch here I mean
formal patch)

Something I would not mind is a single "cleanup" context diff of
the whole shot every week.  Note I don't have *any* intentions of cleaning
up NCSA code until after 1.4 if at all.  I'm only talking about apache
items.  People could sync up to the cleaned up stuff  like any other patch.
(Perhaps this is what you ment, and I misunderstood your email)

I wonder if we can treat this with a quick vote though, since they will be
touch many files usually.  More time makes it hard to get the peices


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