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From (Cliff Skolnick)
Subject Re: patch list vote
Date Tue, 21 Mar 1995 01:50:56 GMT
I'd like to see a volunteer vote collector...I've been watching the votes
fly by, people changing there votes, etc.  Another solution would be
that each person FTPs a copy of their votes to hyperreal.  We can set up a
vote directory for this if we choose. work has quickly become out of date.  At this point I'm
looking at applying patches to the releases that "repackage" some
of the patches.  This is not much work, adding comments, renaming
functions, moving a couple things around.  This could be an interesting

1) Everyone whacks up a pre-alpha release (as has been happening)

2) I take that release (post-vote) clean things up, verify that
the fix is pretty much cool accross as many platforms that I know.
I also check up on the engineering soundness like what the hell
will this do to the OS.

3) I follow the "pre-alpha" with an alpha,beta,etc. (week or two later?)
(week in this case)

Basically this is much easier for me since I can think more about the
process and integration engineering.  I realized for the most part
I was duplicating work, which is pretty stupid.  I have some patches
that I'd like to get in myself (multi-headed? hydra? whatever you
want to call it) that I need time to clean up.  I would like to hold
off for customized logging though since the last problems are with the

Does this sound good with everyone?


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