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From Nicolas Pioch <>
Subject Re: Customizable logging
Date Mon, 20 Mar 1995 20:02:39 GMT
 |  * Customize your log files!
 |  * %i - Hostname/IP number
 |  * %9 - RFC931 userid

I don't like %digit much. Maybe some day we'll want to limit the size
using %20i for instance, so :)

Other notes: Roy Fielding's patch E30 is great!  Referer: is indeed
very valuable in error_log, I've had broken requests for months
without being able to get back to the remote URL's except finger'ing
at the site which did the broken requests+talk+asking the URL!
Huge pain...

Last thing: what should be the format of languages ?
fr_FR for french/France, fr_BE for french/Belgium ?
Or miming the MIME syntax, using fr/be, fr/fr ...
I'd be more in favor of
	Accept-language: fr/*, en/us, en/en

for instance, if you want "COLOR" instead of "COLOUR"
provided the server is politically correct of course :)

-- Nicolas

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