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From Nicolas Pioch <>
Subject Re: votes - lack of
Date Mon, 20 Mar 1995 19:45:59 GMT
Same here (even if I'm not a contributor at all right now).

We've been under massive cracking attack for the last two weeks,
with a climax last friday night during which we've been allow to
follow the pirate live step by step for 10 hours.
We're off the Internet now, collecting fingerprints and checking
all machines which tend to eat up a lot of time and energy :/

-- Nicolas

[Randy Terbush]
 | Please don't misinterpret my silence.  I spent the past evening
 | looking over the patches, but have yet to get a chance to run the
 | server with the changes.  I fully support the views that have
 | been expressed WRT the patches currently being discussed. With
 | exception of the redundant patches, I approve.
 | Until I get a chance to run the server, I don't feel fully 
 | qualified to sign off of these.
 | A rather Nazi oriented firewall change has made it somewhat difficult
 | to work on this during the day. :-(

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