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From Rob McCool <>
Subject Re: Customizable logging
Date Thu, 16 Mar 1995 18:55:33 GMT
 * "Re: Customizable logging" by Rob Hartill <>
 *    written Thu, 16 Mar 95 11:48:20 MST
 * I've already stated that I'd like a configurable log file format,
 * but with a default which is the current standard.
 * The format should be configurable in say httpd.conf with a string
 * something like that used by date +f etc

We've thrown this idea around for Netsite as well. We planned to use a
printf style string to specify which variables are logged. Maybe we
can coordinate and make Common Log Format II?

We've also thrown around another idea for high-traffic servers, the
bean count log. This log would be binary, nDBM format, and would
record only filenames, total number of hits to that file, and a
running total of the number of bytes sent when people requested that

The main factor stopping us from implementing these new ideas has been
that we haven't had the time to write a good log analyzer for them. If
they are made "common" formats, then that will help us somewhat.


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