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From Rob McCool <>
Subject Re: CGI specification
Date Thu, 16 Mar 1995 18:47:14 GMT
 * "Re: CGI specification" by Rob Hartill <>
 *    written Thu, 16 Mar 95 10:38:42 MST
 * We have Rob McCool and some of the NCSA crew listening.  Any
 * objections to the new CGI variables ? If we add them, will you ?

Possibly, it depends on which variables are chosen. 

 * According to the patch list they are,

I'd like to see DOCUMENT_ROOT be made optional for servers that don't
necessarily support such a concept, and SCRIPT_TRANSLATED_NAME
replaced with TRANSLATION_PREFIX. In Netsite, we have an internal
variable which records which prefix was used to translate the user's
URI. For /cgi-bin/test-cgi, translated to /var/httpd/cgi-bin/test-cgi,

On a broader scale, I think the CGI specification should be extended
to allow server authors to provide whatever new variables they need,
provided they warn people about the dangers of non-portability and the
possibility that their variables may be replaced at any time by
"official" ones in the specification.

 * Do you have any other ideas for CGI enhancements that we can push
 * jointly ?

Our main API enhancements have been beyond CGI... the only things
we've done with CGI have been adding variables for HTTPS certificate

As far as who "owns" CGI, I'd like to see it in the hands of
W3C. Supporting the spec is kind of a big job, though, I get ~10-20
e-mails a day to saying "my CGI program doesn't
work, help me".


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