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From Frank Peters <...@Jester.CC.MsState.Edu>
Subject Re: CERN
Date Wed, 15 Mar 1995 13:39:06 GMT
> A few people that I really respect at work (sun) are suggesting (quite
> strongly in fact) that we look at using CERN as a base.  I know that
> the CERN server has been hacked to include all the NSCA features by
> folks here and I was told it was not difficult.  What are peoples
> thoughts on this? [ as cliff ducks ]

The CERN server is larger than NCSA (at least, larger than NCSA without
the HUGE_ patch :-) and considerably slower.

> I am also talking to some marketers at Sun about some hardware.  I
> think we can really use a nice MP system to test the server. :-)

I have a ten processor SC2000 system with 1.5GB of RAM.

It doesn't have a web server running on it right now but I could
certainly install one. 

Our web server ( is a dual processor SS20 with 256MB
of memory (temporarily).  It has the advantage of being an active
server (US mirror for the internet movie database).  So when we have
a stable enough server to put into a production environment that
will be an active test case.

Between the two I think we have Sun MP well covered.

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