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From (Cliff Skolnick)
Subject Re: CERN
Date Wed, 15 Mar 1995 04:32:33 GMT
On Mar 15, 12:06pm, David Robinson wrote:
} Subject: Re: CERN
} >A few people that I really respect at work (sun) are suggesting (quite
} >strongly in fact) that we look at using CERN as a base.
} I thought the CERN server was really huge, with lots of features we
} don't want, like proxying. I don't actually know of anyone using the
} CERN server for external accesses, only as a proxy gateway for
} internal users.

Sun's is CERN, as are all the proxy's.

} >I am also talking to some marketers at Sun about some hardware.  I
} >think we can really use a nice MP system to test the server. :-)
} Sounds very nice...
} Pro tem we have several MP suns here which I can test code on.
} The only problem is finding an unloaded one which is not trying to
} simulate a galaxy star by star... much load can we generate against them when in test mode?

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