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From (Cliff Skolnick)
Subject Re: Patch file format
Date Wed, 15 Mar 1995 04:07:55 GMT
On Mar 15, 11:57am, David Robinson wrote:
} >It would be ultimately cool if someone could maintain the scripts
} >and mechanisms instead of me.  The stuff is in TCL right now, but
} >would be easy to convert to PERL.  (There are also still a couple
} >problems with the TCL stuff)  I would (or whoever is doing the
} >integration) still own the format of the files.
} Ok, I'll volunteer. Where are the scripts and patch log files?
} One change I would request; can the patch id format be
} letter n*digit   where n is fixed at, say, 3? It will make the sorting
} a little easier.

SOLD!  on hyperreal: /export/pub/httpd/patchgen.  You can even change the
name of where they are if you don't like it.

letter n*digit...there are only 4 letters, I'm confused at to what you are
asking.  Is that what you mean (b, p, e, or o) are the valid letters.


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