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From (Cliff Skolnick)
Subject Re: httpd patch B5 updated.
Date Wed, 15 Mar 1995 03:49:38 GMT
On Mar 15, 10:49am, David Robinson wrote:
} Subject: Re: httpd patch B5 updated.
} I have some www bulletin board code that could be adapted for bug tracking;
} would it be of any use? It would only work if discussion of individual patches
} were actually done on the web, rather than by mail. It's written in C and
} would need a bit of hacking; does anyone want the code? (Cliff?)

I don't really want to hack other the code at this point...if someone else
does though, that would be cool.  I'm still trying to learn the real
innards of the httpd server.

We should use the web, but as long as people can be well behaved, email
could be easily catagorized by subject and placed on the web automagically.
The group can decide after seeing the software.

} Ok, I'll set up a test server here, and you can try it out. You may
} not like the response you get to the UK though...

Is the software programmed to insult people with accents?  Or does it just
look for the British spelling of words like "colour" and "organise" before
making fun of them. :-)

Send the URL when ready.


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