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Subject svn commit: r1790438 - /httpd/test/framework/trunk/README
Date Thu, 06 Apr 2017 19:07:02 GMT
Author: wrowe
Date: Thu Apr  6 19:07:02 2017
New Revision: 1790438

A couple of dependency observations from Chris Cheetham


Modified: httpd/test/framework/trunk/README
--- httpd/test/framework/trunk/README (original)
+++ httpd/test/framework/trunk/README Thu Apr  6 19:07:02 2017
@@ -2,6 +2,11 @@
                   Testing Apache with the Perl Test Harness
+These two modules must first be installed;
+- perl-ExtUtils-MakeMaker 
+- perl-Test 
 You'll need to install the CPAN modules listed in:
 All you have to do to install them all in one shot is:
@@ -12,6 +17,9 @@
 Note: Crypt::SSLeay requires OpenSSL to be installed (only required
 for t/TEST -ssl):
+More accurate results may be obtained by using the same openssl command
+line and libraries as consumed by APR-util and mod_ssl, due to X509
+formatting behavior differences.
 For an extensive documentation see
@@ -19,13 +27,12 @@
 To run the tests for all Apache web server modules, some additional 
-CPAN modules will be required:
+CPAN modules will be required. If the tests don't work, make sure
+that you have up to date versions of each of these perl modules:
 - HTTP::DAV (DAV tests)
 - DateTime (mod_include tests)
 - Protocol::HTTP2::Client and AnyEvent (mod_http2 tests)
-If the tests don't work, make sure, that you have up to
-date versions of the following perl modules installed:
+- Test
 - Test::Harness
 - Crypt::SSLeay
 - Net::SSLeay

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