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Subject svn commit: r1748951 - /httpd/httpd/branches/2.4.x/docs/manual/mod/mpm_common.xml
Date Sat, 18 Jun 2016 10:23:01 GMT
Author: elukey
Date: Sat Jun 18 10:23:01 2016
New Revision: 1748951

Added some information to ListenCoresBucketsRatio documentation page already in trunk.


Modified: httpd/httpd/branches/2.4.x/docs/manual/mod/mpm_common.xml
--- httpd/httpd/branches/2.4.x/docs/manual/mod/mpm_common.xml (original)
+++ httpd/httpd/branches/2.4.x/docs/manual/mod/mpm_common.xml Sat Jun 18 10:23:01 2016
@@ -276,6 +276,13 @@ in *BSDs.</compatibility>
     then make each child handle a single bucket (with round-robin distribution
     of the buckets at children creation time).</p>
+    <note><title>Meaning of "online" CPU core</title>
+    <p>On Linux (and also BSD) a CPU core can be turned on/off if 
+    <a href="">Hotplug</a>

+    is configured, therefore <directive>ListenCoresBucketsRatio</directive> needs
+    take this parameter into account while calculating the number of buckets to create.</p>
+    </note>
     <p><directive>ListenCoresBucketsRatio</directive> can improve the
     scalability when accepting new connections is/becomes the bottleneck.
     On systems with a large number of CPU cores, enabling this feature has
@@ -285,7 +292,10 @@ in *BSDs.</compatibility>
     <p>There must be at least twice the number of CPU cores than the
     configured <var>ratio</var> for this to be active. The recommended
     <var>ratio</var> is <code>8</code>, hence at least <code>16</code>
-    cores should be available at runtime when this value is used.</p>
+    cores should be available at runtime when this value is used.
+    The right <var>ratio</var> to obtain maximum performance needs to be calculated
+    for each target system, testing multiple values and observing the variations in your

+    key performance metrics.</p>

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