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Subject svn commit: r1724294 - /httpd/mod_fcgid/trunk/docs/manual/mod/mod_fcgid.xml
Date Tue, 12 Jan 2016 17:57:00 GMT
Author: rbowen
Date: Tue Jan 12 17:57:00 2016
New Revision: 1724294

Clarify the relationship between fcgid and custom error docs. Patch from
Luca Toscano, bz 58771


Modified: httpd/mod_fcgid/trunk/docs/manual/mod/mod_fcgid.xml
--- httpd/mod_fcgid/trunk/docs/manual/mod/mod_fcgid.xml (original)
+++ httpd/mod_fcgid/trunk/docs/manual/mod/mod_fcgid.xml Tue Jan 12 17:57:00 2016
@@ -211,6 +211,22 @@
+  <section id="errordocuments">
+    <title>Fcgid and Apache ErrorDocument</title>
+    <p>The core directive <directive module="core">ErrorDocument</directive>
allows the user to specify custom error pages
+       for specific HTTP error codes. An important note must be made: if the error 
+       page is generated by the fastcgi script, <code>mod_fcgid</code> will
+       pass the response down to the output filter chain bypassing the Apache's 
+       ErrorDocuments. Conversely, if the error is generated by Apache itself (for example,
a HTTP 404
+       due to a missing resource) then the ErrorDocument set will be used. 
+       This behaviour is the most conservative one to interfere as little as
+       possible with the fastcgi's response generation logic. <code>mod_proxy</code>
shows the same 
+       behaviour but it offers <directive module="mod_proxy">ProxyErrorOverride</directive>

+       to force the use of ErrorDocuments, meanwhile <code>mod_fcgid</code> does
+       A common workaround is to instruct the fcgi script to generate the ErrorDocuments
+       to have full control of the response content.</p>
+  </section>
   <section id="examples">

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