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Subject svn commit: r1622269 - /httpd/site/trunk/content/security/vulnerabilities-httpd.xml
Date Wed, 03 Sep 2014 14:27:01 GMT
Author: wrowe
Date: Wed Sep  3 14:27:01 2014
New Revision: 1622269

Address CVE-2014-0226 correctly


Modified: httpd/site/trunk/content/security/vulnerabilities-httpd.xml
--- httpd/site/trunk/content/security/vulnerabilities-httpd.xml (original)
+++ httpd/site/trunk/content/security/vulnerabilities-httpd.xml Wed Sep  3 14:27:01 2014
@@ -1,6 +1,6 @@
 <security updated="20140903">
-<issue fixed="2.4.11-dev" reported="20130906" public="20131019" released="20140903">
+<issue fixed="2.4.11-dev" reported="20130906" public="20131019">
 <cve name="CVE-2013-5704"/>
 <severity level="4">low</severity>
 <title>HTTP Trailers processing bypass</title>
@@ -170,7 +170,6 @@ This issue was reported by Jeff Trawick 
 <affects prod="httpd" version="2.4.1"/>
 <issue fixed="2.4.10" reported="20140219" public="20140714" released="20140714">
 <cve name="CVE-2014-0118"/>
 <severity level="3">moderate</severity>
@@ -237,7 +236,7 @@ This issue was reported by Giancarlo Pel
 <affects prod="httpd" version="2.2.0"/>
-<issue fixed="2.2.29" reported="20140530" public="20140714" released="20140903">
+<issue fixed="2.4.10" reported="20140530" public="20140714" released="20140714">
 <cve name="CVE-2014-0226"/>
 <severity level="3">moderate</severity>
 <title>mod_status buffer overflow</title>
@@ -262,6 +261,49 @@ This issue was reported by Marek Kroemek
 <affects prod="httpd" version="2.4.1"/>
+<issue fixed="2.2.29" reported="20140530" public="20140714" released="20140903">
+<cve name="CVE-2014-0226"/>
+<severity level="3">moderate</severity>
+<title>mod_status buffer overflow</title>
+A race condition was found in mod_status.  An attacker able to access
+a public server status page on a server using a threaded MPM could send a
+carefully crafted request which could lead to a heap buffer overflow.  Note
+that it is not a default or recommended configuration to have a public
+accessible server status page.
+This issue was reported by Marek Kroemeke, AKAT-1 and
+22733db72ab3ed94b5f8a1ffcde850251fe6f466 via HP ZDI
+<affects prod="httpd" version="2.2.27"/>
+<affects prod="httpd" version="2.2.26"/>
+<affects prod="httpd" version="2.2.25"/>
+<affects prod="httpd" version="2.2.24"/>
+<affects prod="httpd" version="2.2.23"/>
+<affects prod="httpd" version="2.2.22"/>
+<affects prod="httpd" version="2.2.21"/>
+<affects prod="httpd" version="2.2.20"/>
+<affects prod="httpd" version="2.2.19"/>
+<affects prod="httpd" version="2.2.18"/>
+<affects prod="httpd" version="2.2.17"/>
+<affects prod="httpd" version="2.2.16"/>
+<affects prod="httpd" version="2.2.15"/>
+<affects prod="httpd" version="2.2.14"/>
+<affects prod="httpd" version="2.2.13"/>
+<affects prod="httpd" version="2.2.12"/>
+<affects prod="httpd" version="2.2.11"/>
+<affects prod="httpd" version="2.2.10"/>
+<affects prod="httpd" version="2.2.9"/>
+<affects prod="httpd" version="2.2.8"/>
+<affects prod="httpd" version="2.2.6"/>
+<affects prod="httpd" version="2.2.5"/>
+<affects prod="httpd" version="2.2.4"/>
+<affects prod="httpd" version="2.2.3"/>
+<affects prod="httpd" version="2.2.2"/>
+<affects prod="httpd" version="2.2.0"/>
 <issue fixed="2.4.7" reported="20130914" public="20140714" released="20131126">
 <cve name="CVE-2013-4352"/>
 <severity level="4">low</severity>

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