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Subject svn commit: r1522687 - /httpd/httpd/branches/2.4.x/os/win32/BaseAddr.ref
Date Thu, 12 Sep 2013 18:13:24 GMT
Author: trawick
Date: Thu Sep 12 18:13:24 2013
New Revision: 1522687

like trunk r1522544, except the script lives in trunk:

. Update sizes as necessary based on a 64-bit debug build with Visual Studio
. Add missing modules mod_dialup, mod_optional_fn_export, 
  mod_optional_fn_import, mod_optional_hook_export,
  and mod_optional_hook_import.
  (The example mods aren't important, but adding them avoids having to
  treat those as exceptions in any sort of automatic update mechanism.
  Potential issues with the several modules that aren't currently buildable
  with the cmake-based solution have not been addressed.)


Modified: httpd/httpd/branches/2.4.x/os/win32/BaseAddr.ref
--- httpd/httpd/branches/2.4.x/os/win32/BaseAddr.ref (original)
+++ httpd/httpd/branches/2.4.x/os/win32/BaseAddr.ref Thu Sep 12 18:13:24 2013
@@ -8,116 +8,121 @@
 ; module name             base-address      max-size
-libhttpd.dll                0x6FF00000    0x000A0000           0x6FEF0000    0x00010000          0x6FED0000    0x00020000            0x6FEC0000    0x00010000              0x6FEB0000    0x00010000              0x6FEA0000    0x00010000                 0x6FE90000    0x00010000              0x6FE70000    0x00020000              0x6FE60000    0x00010000               0x6FE50000    0x00010000            0x6FE40000    0x00010000           0x6FE20000    0x00020000            0x6FE00000    0x00010000          0x6FDF0000    0x00010000           0x6FDE0000    0x00010000                  0x6FDC0000    0x00020000               0x6FDB0000    0x00010000        0x6FD90000    0x00010000            0x6FD80000    0x00010000           0x6FD70000    0x00010000                  0x6FD00000    0x00070000              0x6FCE0000    0x00010000                0x6FCD0000    0x00010000                 0x6FCC0000    0x00010000            0x6FCA0000    0x00010000                  0x6FC90000    0x00010000                  0x6FC80000    0x00010000                  0x6FC70000    0x00010000             0x6FC60000    0x00010000              0x6FC50000    0x00010000                0x6FC40000    0x00010000           0x6FC30000    0x00010000                 0x6FC20000    0x00010000          0x6FC10000    0x00010000             0x6FC00000    0x00010000              0x6FBF0000    0x00010000                0x6FBE0000    0x00010000           0x6FBD0000    0x00010000               0x6FBC0000    0x00010000              0x6FBA0000    0x00020000           0x6FB90000    0x00010000         0x6FB80000    0x00010000           0x6FB70000    0x00010000            0x6FB60000    0x00010000           0x6FB40000    0x00010000            0x6FB30000    0x00010000      0x6FB10000    0x00010000           0x6FB00000    0x00010000           0x6FAF0000    0x00010000                0x6FAE0000    0x00010000                 0x6FAD0000    0x00010000          0x6FAC0000    0x00010000                0x6FAB0000    0x00010000            0x6FAA0000    0x00010000       0x6FA90000    0x00010000         0x6FA80000    0x00010000              0x6FA70000    0x00010000            0x6FA60000    0x00010000               0x6FA50000    0x00010000                 0x6FA40000    0x00010000            0x6FA30000    0x00010000                  0x6FA20000    0x00010000                0x6FA00000    0x00020000        0x6F9F0000    0x00010000           0x6F9E0000    0x00010000           0x6F9D0000    0x00010000           0x6F9C0000    0x00010000            0x6F9B0000    0x00010000          0x6F9A0000    0x00010000        0x6F990000    0x00010000          0x6F980000    0x00010000       0x6F970000    0x00010000           0x6F960000    0x00010000               0x6F950000    0x00010000             0x6F940000    0x00010000            0x6F930000    0x00010000          0x6F920000    0x00010000              0x6F910000    0x00010000          0x6F900000    0x00010000              0x6F8F0000    0x00010000       0x6F8E0000    0x00010000       0x6F8D0000    0x00010000          0x6F8C0000    0x00010000          0x6F8B0000    0x00010000           0x6F8A0000    0x00010000     0x6F890000    0x00010000        0x6F880000    0x00010000                  0x6F870000    0x00010000                  0x6F850000    0x00020000            0x6F840000    0x00010000             0x6F830000    0x00010000  0x6F820000    0x00010000  0x6F810000    0x00010000   0x6F800000    0x00010000   0x6F7F0000    0x00010000            0x6F7E0000    0x00010000         0x6F7D0000    0x00010000             0x6F7C0000    0x00010000           0x6F7B0000    0x00010000           0x6F7A0000    0x00010000            0x6F790000    0x00010000        0x6F780000    0x00010000          0x6F770000    0x00010000        0x6F760000    0x00010000        0x6F750000    0x00010000            0x6F740000    0x00010000           0x6F730000    0x00010000              0x6F720000    0x00010000                 0x6F710000    0x00010000         0x6F700000    0x00010000                0x6F6F0000    0x00010000        0x6F6E0000    0x00010000       0x6F6D0000    0x00010000
+libhttpd.dll                0x6FF00000    0x000E0000           0x6FFE0000    0x00020000          0x70000000    0x00020000            0x70020000    0x00010000              0x70030000    0x00010000              0x70040000    0x00020000                 0x70060000    0x00020000              0x70080000    0x00030000              0x700B0000    0x00010000               0x700C0000    0x00020000            0x700E0000    0x00010000           0x700F0000    0x00020000            0x70110000    0x00010000          0x70120000    0x00010000           0x70130000    0x00020000                  0x70150000    0x00040000               0x70190000    0x00030000        0x701C0000    0x00020000            0x701E0000    0x00020000           0x70200000    0x00020000                  0x70220000    0x00070000              0x70290000    0x00010000                0x702A0000    0x00020000                 0x702C0000    0x00010000            0x702D0000    0x00020000                  0x702F0000    0x00020000                  0x70310000    0x00010000                  0x70320000    0x00010000             0x70330000    0x00020000              0x70350000    0x00030000                0x70380000    0x00020000           0x703A0000    0x00020000                 0x703C0000    0x00020000          0x703E0000    0x00020000             0x70400000    0x00020000              0x70420000    0x00010000                0x70430000    0x00030000           0x70460000    0x00020000               0x70480000    0x00010000              0x70490000    0x00020000           0x704B0000    0x00020000         0x704D0000    0x00010000           0x704E0000    0x00010000            0x704F0000    0x00010000           0x70500000    0x00010000            0x70510000    0x00010000      0x70520000    0x00010000           0x70530000    0x00010000           0x70540000    0x00010000                0x70550000    0x00010000                 0x70560000    0x00030000          0x70590000    0x00020000                0x705B0000    0x00010000            0x705C0000    0x00020000       0x705E0000    0x00020000         0x70600000    0x00010000              0x70610000    0x00010000            0x70620000    0x00010000               0x70630000    0x00010000                 0x70640000    0x00010000            0x70650000    0x00010000                  0x70660000    0x00020000                0x70680000    0x00040000        0x706C0000    0x00010000           0x706D0000    0x00020000           0x706F0000    0x00020000           0x70710000    0x00010000            0x70720000    0x00010000          0x70730000    0x00010000        0x70740000    0x00020000          0x70760000    0x00010000       0x70770000    0x00010000           0x70780000    0x00020000               0x707A0000    0x00020000             0x707C0000    0x00020000            0x707E0000    0x00020000          0x70800000    0x00010000              0x70810000    0x00010000          0x70820000    0x00010000              0x70830000    0x00020000       0x70850000    0x00010000       0x70860000    0x00020000          0x70880000    0x00020000          0x708A0000    0x00020000           0x708C0000    0x00010000     0x708D0000    0x00010000        0x708E0000    0x00020000                  0x70900000    0x00020000                  0x70920000    0x00040000            0x70960000    0x00010000             0x70970000    0x00010000  0x70980000    0x00010000  0x70990000    0x00010000   0x709A0000    0x00010000   0x709B0000    0x00020000            0x709D0000    0x00010000         0x709E0000    0x00020000             0x70A00000    0x00020000           0x70A20000    0x00020000           0x70A40000    0x00020000            0x70A60000    0x00010000        0x70A70000    0x00010000          0x70A80000    0x00020000        0x70AA0000    0x00020000        0x70AC0000    0x00010000            0x70AD0000    0x00010000           0x70AE0000    0x00020000              0x70B00000    0x00020000                 0x70B20000    0x00010000         0x70B30000    0x00010000                0x70B40000    0x00020000        0x70B60000    0x00020000       0x70B80000    0x00020000               0x70BA0000    0x00010000   0x70BB0000    0x00010000   0x70BC0000    0x00010000 0x70BD0000    0x00010000 0x70BE0000    0x00010000

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